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Botox hertfordshire used to treat smokers lines

Many of our patients present with vertical lines above their upper lip. These are commonly referred to as smokers lines, however they can occur in non smokers too.


There are a couple of ways we can treat these lines.


One is to administer botox in this area. We are very careful to start off with very small doses. As excessive doses can effect your speech and whistling. We gradually increase the dose as long as it can be tolerated until the lines have been reduced sufficiently or they have been eliminated.


A second approach is the same as above, to use botox but in conjunction with a dermal filler. We would either reinforce the borders of the lip or inject some light filler in the top lip region. Same again, we are very careful to administer a low quantity of filler, so avoiding the ‘duck’ or ‘trout pout/ look.


Botox hertfordshire can be contacted on 01438 300111 for a free consultation.


Botox for my chin

A common area to administer botox is the central crease in your chin, also known as ‘orange peel”. These lines are as a result of excessive contraction of the chin muscles. This is easily reduced or eliminated by injection botox into the muscle.

The full effect of the procedure will be seen after 2 weeks and you may require some extra botox to achieve the result you desire. we would always advise to under treat initially and it is much easier to top up later than be stuck with a frozen look for several months. You would expect the result to last around 3-6 months.


So a comfortable procedure that takes only a few minutes can eliminate the orange peel effect which may have been there for a number of years – a truly aging reversal procedure.


Dr Harry Singh has been carrying out botox hertfordshire since 2002 and works from aesthetics in Stevenage. You can call him on 01438 300111 to book a FREE consultation to see whether botox can help you regain your youth, boost your confidence or improve your skin complexion.


Botox for the neck

As more and more research is carried out on the effects of botox. We find out that we can use this muscle relaxant to treat more and more common concerns.


One such area is the neck. We have had many patients feeling uncomfortable by the lines around their neck and the only way they hide this is by wearing polo tops.


Now you can bin that polo top and use botox to reduce or eliminate your lines on the neck.


We would initially carry out a consultation to see if you are suitable and let you know what outcome to expect. On the day of the treatment we would inject the muscle relaxant along the lines of the neck and this would just take a few minutes. We would then review the results after 2 weeks and administer any top ups if required.


We would always recommend that botox be used with a good skin range to improve the complexion of your skin.


Dr Harry Singh has been carrying out botox hertfordshire since 2002 and works from aesthetics in Stevenage. You can call him on 01438 300111 to book a FREE consultation to see whether botox can help you regain your youth, boost your confidence or improve your skin complexion.


How much does ‘botox in hertfordshire’ cost?

We normally charge per area. The advantage of this is no matter how much botox you need, it will be a fixed price so you can budget for the treatments and any subsequent treatments you may want or require in the future.


We also like to reward our patients that need multiple areas at the same time, so same again this will amke it more cost effective for you.


In addition, if you require any top ups after the initial treatment this will also be covered free of charge and up to 3 months from the date of the original treatment.


For your reference we are doing a great deal on 3 areas of botox (forehead, frown and eyes) at £235. Due to the large number of aptients we see, we buy the botox at large quatities and can pass the savings to you.


Dr Harry Singh has been carrying out botox in hertordshire since 2002 and has tretaed over a 1000 cases. He can be contacted on 01438 300111.


how to look young

  • Get plenty of rest/sleep


  • Exercise regularly, include resistance training


  • Eat sensibly and maintain your ideal weight


  • Wear sun protection dailiy, even on cloudy days


  • Include antioxidants in your diet


  • Moisturise daily


  • Look after your hair


  • Include omega3/9 fats in your diet


For a more glowing and youtful complexion call Dr Singh on 01438 300111 for a FREE consultation.

dermal fillers in hertfordshire

We have had many patients ask about a particular brand of filler when they have seen an adverts about it. This is all good as we want our patients to be educated.


However there are certain fillers you would use in different areas of the face. These bradly fall into 3 groups:


  • permanent fillers – we would advise against this and we don not offer this. The problem is that since it is permanent the only way to remove it if something goes wrong or you dont like it, is a surgical approach.
  • Volumerisers – these are deeper fillers that add extesive volume to the face. Normally these are palced in the cheeks and can last up to 18months.
  • Dermal fillers – these plump up the area to eliminate or reduce folds. These are commonlly used in the nose to mouth lines and lips.


Once we decide which filler type is suitable for you then we decide which brand to use. I do not stick to just 1 brand and its producrt range. I prefer differnet brands to different areas on the face and what I am comfortable with.


Dr Harry Singh (Dentist) has been carrying out facial aesthetics since 2002 and undertakes dermal fillers in Hertfordshire. He also trains other dentists in facial aesthetics with Smita Mistry.


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will ‘dermal fillers hertfordshire’ give me a fake look

Many patients see me requesting for dermal fillers hertfordshire. They are unhappy with either the size or definition of their lips.


However they are not confident of going ahead with the procedure due to botched up procedures on celebrities such as Katie Price and Lesley Ash.


These are the exception to the rule and there are thousands of patients that are happy with their results and to the average person they would not be able to tell that they have undergone any type of dermal filler procedure for their lips.


With dermal fillers the advantage is that you can see the results immediately. So I have the patient hold a mirror and they tell me when they want me to stop, the final result is all under your control.


With the lips there are 2 approaches we can undertake. If you are after a subtle difference, then we can just redefine the borders without changing the size of your lips.


The other approach would be to place the dermal fillers in the body of the lip to increase the volume.


I work with you to achieve the look you want.


Give me a call on 01438 300111 to book your free consultation.


What do I need – botox or dermal fillers?

We have many patients that are unsure whether they need botox hertfordshire or dermal fillers hertfordshire.


As a general rule you would normally have botox for the top third of your face and dermal fillers for the lower half of the face. This is just a guideline and there are instances where botox can be given in the lower half of the face or dermal fillers in the top third of the face.


A better way to understand the difference is that botox works on motion lines. These are lines that either appear or get worse when you carry out a specific facial expression. Since botox relaxes the muscle it is these motion lines it will target.


Dermal fillers work on static lines. So they would not be suitable for working on the muscle. They add volume to a particular area.


I hope that clears the difference between botox and dermal fillers and if you would be suitable for a particular treatment.


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botox in hertfordshire open evenings

Dr Harry Singh travels around different clinics and spas offering his facial aesthetics services. He organises demonstration evenings where you can hear about botox in hertfordshire and see a live demo.

body image demo copy 2

There are a lot of myths and misleading information about facial aesthetics, especially botox. Dr Singh feels that by seeing a live procedure you can see what this is all about and have all your questions answered in an informal atmosphere.

botox hertfordshire patient testimonial

Patient testimonial


I have been working with Harry Singh now for nearly Three years, I own a Beauty Salon in St Albans and have always been pleased to recommend Harry to all my clients for there dentistry and facial rejuvenation treatments. I have always found aesthetics and Harry in particular to be very professional with a friendly manor, I have had botox hertfordshire treatments my self with Harry and his staff and always walk away from aesthetes thinking what a pleasure it has been from the first hand shake to the last goodbye. I will continue to tell all my clients about the services aesthetics provide with all the confidence required to do so.


Thank you Harry.

From Sharon Irvine.

Connections Beauty Salon.

403a Hatfield Road.

St Albans.


Al4 0nl