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botox – how many patients have it?

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about his patient breakdown


I would say around 90% of my patients that come and see me undertake botox procedures for the upper third of the face. Whether this be for 1 area (around the eyes), or 2 areas (forehead and frown) or all 3 areas.


Another 5% see me for botox in the lower face (smokers lines, chin or to lift the corners of the mouth) or under the arms.


Then the remaining 5% will see me for dermal fillers. Out of the patients that have dermal fillers, half are for lips (whether to redefine them or make them fuller) and the remaining half are for the nose to mouth lines.


Botox on average would last for 3-6 months and dermal fillers you would be looking in the region of 9 months. To achieve optimum results we would not suggest botox and dermal fillers as being one off treatments, the more you have these procedures, the better the final results are going to be.


There are a  minority of patients that unfortunately we cannot help with botox or dermal fillers. These include patients with loose skin either generally or under the eyes. They would normally require surgery to sort out their concerns. In addition anyone with scars would be hard to treat with the treatments we offer. We do offer certain skin care range that can improve the appearance of scars but would not eliminate them totally.


We always ask patients to take advantage of our free consultation if they are unsure on which treatment is suitable for them. Once we see them face to face we are in a much better position to explain what can be achieved and what options are available to them.



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botox – book reviews

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog shares some professional comments regarding his forthcoming book, ‘ The Business Of Facial Aesthetics’.


Harry’s smart and fun approach to people is unique. I have always admired his success in establishing a trusted and award winning clinic. Most dentists struggle to grow a facial aesthetics business in the dental practice setting. Harry has the remarkable formula to marketing facial aesthetics and we’re lucky he’s the kind of expert who loves to share.
Krishan Joshi
aka The Master
Internet Marketing Director
Dental Focus Web Design

I have known Harry Singh for a few years now, initially as a business coaching client and eventually as a trusted friend.

Harry is an innovator – he isn’t afraid to try new ideas, to re-write the rule book, to ignore “the crowd” and follow a hunch.

He created what I still regard as one of the best branded dental and facial aesthetic practices in the UK and did so at a time when the popular opinion within the UK dental sector was that “it couldn’t be done, especially not that well”.

However, Harry’s story isn’t just an inspiration to dentists – it can motivate and guide anybody who is curious about building a successful facial aesthetics business – and it can undoubtedly save you time and money as Harry has made the good and bad decisions already and will share them with you.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from an experienced practitioner how to create a winning business formula.

Chris Barrow

M.D. at Barrow Kwong Hing Group

I met the author in 2008 when he won an Award for ‘Best Marketing’ initiative at the Private Practice Awards in 200X. At that stage I had a more active interest in Facial Aesthetics so a conversation with him was fruitful and fun. My own training in Facial Aesthetics very cleared showed that although it could appear that dentistry was intruding into medicine, these techniques are definitely more effectively delivered by dentists in their practices. It’s not meant to be contentious but it is evident when you observe many doctors showing:

– their ill ease at simply holding a syringe

-exhibiting the syringe to the patient as they approached to inject around the eye , where we know how to keep it out of sight until delivery

– show their unfamiliarity with calculating dosages to enable correct dilution

-drawing up Lignocaine from a vial into a syringe prior to numbing the face for injecting fillers


It materialises that our colleague has substantial experience in the commercial world the key amongst them being property. This experience has given him a fresh approach to the delivery of our professional services, especially in the field of marketing. Serving him well in creating a very successful dental practice with a strong element of facial aesthetics has encouraged the author to take to the stage and begin sharing his vision and strategies with the audience. However, as a profession we tend to be in the ‘cash rich and time poor’ category, so finding the time to travel and spend a day at a meeting to learn more is not everyone’s’ wont. Accordingly, accessing that information in this book not only suits that type of dentist but it also serves as a very useful reference book too.

There is absolutely no point embarking along new ways of delivering dentistry unless you can be successful at it. However, as a developing market it is inevitable that some mistakes are made along the journey to success. The author honestly shares the mistakes he made to help prevent the reader from emulating him and to direct time and money into successful and proven marketing strategies. The hope is that when they augment superb delivery of this sought after service it will ensure the investment in Facial Aesthetics pays off. The best part of this book is that that the author does not pretend to be a specialist imparting his special skills to others. One can clearly pick up that this is an experienced practitioner that has learned his art lucratively and is now seeking to share that empathetically with a collegiate style.

Dr Amarjit Gill BDS MFGDP




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Botox – testimonials

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog shares some of his patients experiences when undergoing botox procedures.


Niki Harrison

I am not easily impressed, I have been a repeat client of Harry for over 2 years and would not hesitate to recommend him. He has a an absolute understanding of the need to build trust and to understand what is important to me as a client. I have absolute trust in him and the advice and treatments I have received have been faultless. I have had repeated compliments on my complexion and on how well i look since receiving treatment so I think that speaks volumes in itself. Thanks Harry!



Vanessa Parbhu

I have visited Aesthetics on numerous occasions for a range of facial aesthetic treatments and each time have found Harry and his entire team of staff to be professional, welcoming and friendly. Treatments have been explained clearly and fully and I have always received an excellent standard of care. The clinic itself is slick, modern and a real pleasure to visit. The journey all the way from East London is well worth it! I have no hesitation in recommending Aesthetics to my family and friends as it excels in all aspects.

melanie sutton Professional Service all round and great patient satisfaction



Jill Nemani

I would recommend. Harry Singh. For anti wrinkle treatments , he did a good job in administering the appropriate amount for the designated area and. A good adjustment follow up in the following two weeks, that is an important factor when choosing your aesthetic practitioner follow up and re adjustment after 2 weeks not everyone offers this inclusive package.




I have been going to Aesthetics for the last 2 years for facial treatments. Iam very happy with the results, and would recommend Harry Singh, and his highly trained team. I am always made very welcome, and find it a Very relaxing and enjoyable experience.



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Botox and Lord Sugar

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about Lord Sugars entrance into the world of facial aesthetics and botox.


A lot of press, mainly bad press, has been written about Lord Sugar and his decision to go into partnership with the winner of The Apprentice, Dr Leah who plans to open a chain of botox clinincs.


Initially, I had nothing agains this. All exposure is good and if the TV series has gotten more people interested in the effects of facial aesthetics and notably botox, then I am all for it. It may also, a big may though, speed up the regulation process, so only properly qualified medical professionals, such as dentist, will be allowed to carry out these non surgical procedures.


However, as I looked a bit more deeply into her credentials and plans, then alarm bells began to ring.


Dr Leah is only newly qualified. My first gripe, is that she wants to leave the NHS (who have paid to some extent for her several years of education) to enter the private sector. As a newly qualified graduate I cannot understand how she has developed the necessary clinical excellence and experience needed to become a facial aesthetician. I have been carrying out facial aesthetic treatments, such as botox since 2002 and I am still continually updating my skills and learning new material.


The other concern, is that she is driven, it appears by the financial aspect of facial aesthetics. This is contrary to the oath that we dental/medical professionals agree to. Financial issues do not come into play whatsoever when discussing treatments and recommendations with patients. Lord Sugar is a business man and will want to see profits form his investment. How will she manage on one hand the ethical standards she has been taught against the riches Lord Sugar will demand. Only time will tell.


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