dermal fillers in hertfordshire

We have had many patients ask about a particular brand of filler when they have seen an adverts about it. This is all good as we want our patients to be educated.


However there are certain fillers you would use in different areas of the face. These bradly fall into 3 groups:


  • permanent fillers – we would advise against this and we don not offer this. The problem is that since it is permanent the only way to remove it if something goes wrong or you dont like it, is a surgical approach.
  • Volumerisers – these are deeper fillers that add extesive volume to the face. Normally these are palced in the cheeks and can last up to 18months.
  • Dermal fillers – these plump up the area to eliminate or reduce folds. These are commonlly used in the nose to mouth lines and lips.


Once we decide which filler type is suitable for you then we decide which brand to use. I do not stick to just 1 brand and its producrt range. I prefer differnet brands to different areas on the face and what I am comfortable with.


Dr Harry Singh (Dentist) has been carrying out facial aesthetics since 2002 and undertakes dermal fillers in Hertfordshire. He also trains other dentists in facial aesthetics with Smita Mistry.


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