botox and beauty salons

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog writes about a letter he sends to beauty salons to help promote botox to their client base.





We are both in the “Feel Good Look Good” industry & we can help give your client’s extra value & make you stand out from your competitors


My name is Dr Harry Singh & I have been a Botox Practitioner for more than 13 years and a qualified dentist since 1996. I run a Medical/Facial Aesthetics clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.


I am looking to partner up with highly reputable & prestigious local salons such as yourself.


How can we help each other


We strongly believe that our clients share the same dreams and aspirations as your clients when it comes to taking pride and care of themselves in how they look and feel


We would like to partner up with your business to exchange each others services/promotions to ensure both our clients get only the best in tbotox reatments to make them enhance their natural opulence & serene beauty


Benefits to you & your business being associated with a botox practitioner


It is a way to create extra credibility for your salon & will encourage more new clients to your salon and makes you stand out from your competitors

It will give your business extra value by offering your clients extra treatments, in addition to your normal services

You have the peace of mind, knowing your clients are being treated by a qualified Botox practitioner

We have found in the past that aesthetics range of Non Surgical Anti Wrinkle Treatments (botox) can increase a salons uptake of new clients & increase the sales their own salon range of anti-aging skincare products




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