botox and flying

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire in his latest blog writes about how soon you can fly after botox treatments.


We have many patients that either work in the airplane industry or fly out regularly on business.


They are sometimes concerned that with the change in atmosphere that botox could spread into the wrong muscles and cause a strange appearance.


This could be true in theory, however in my experience, this rarely happens in practical.


However, to be on the safe side I recommend to avoid any flying for at least 48 hours after any botox procedure. You can have botox immediately after flying.


In addition, if flying after botox I would make sure you hydrate your body regularly with plenty of water and avoid caffeine. Also, you don’t want to put extra pressure on your face by sleeping on the hard seats. So have a cushion readily available.


With a few extra precautions, flying after botox procedures, should not cause damage to the effects of the botox.


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