Botox and Lord Sugar

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about Lord Sugars entrance into the world of facial aesthetics and botox.


A lot of press, mainly bad press, has been written about Lord Sugar and his decision to go into partnership with the winner of The Apprentice, Dr Leah who plans to open a chain of botox clinincs.


Initially, I had nothing agains this. All exposure is good and if the TV series has gotten more people interested in the effects of facial aesthetics and notably botox, then I am all for it. It may also, a big may though, speed up the regulation process, so only properly qualified medical professionals, such as dentist, will be allowed to carry out these non surgical procedures.


However, as I looked a bit more deeply into her credentials and plans, then alarm bells began to ring.


Dr Leah is only newly qualified. My first gripe, is that she wants to leave the NHS (who have paid to some extent for her several years of education) to enter the private sector. As a newly qualified graduate I cannot understand how she has developed the necessary clinical excellence and experience needed to become a facial aesthetician. I have been carrying out facial aesthetic treatments, such as botox since 2002 and I am still continually updating my skills and learning new material.


The other concern, is that she is driven, it appears by the financial aspect of facial aesthetics. This is contrary to the oath that we dental/medical professionals agree to. Financial issues do not come into play whatsoever when discussing treatments and recommendations with patients. Lord Sugar is a business man and will want to see profits form his investment. How will she manage on one hand the ethical standards she has been taught against the riches Lord Sugar will demand. Only time will tell.


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