Botox – before, during and after treatment

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog shares his thoughts on Botox – Before, During and After Treatment

This blog will help anyone know what they should and should not do before, during and after a Botox treatment to get the best results and experience.
Before a Botox treatment:
1, Select a doctor that is board certified, experienced, reputable, specialises in facial anatomy and has successfully administering Botox for several years. Fantastic Botox application is dependent on the skill and technique of the doctor.
2, Be transparent with your doctor. Tell the doctor all about your medical history, allergies, previous medical treatments, fears of needles, and the current medication you are receiving including any off the shelf medication.
3, Make sure Botox is the correct treatment for you. There are other treatments available that may well be more suitable for you, such as fillers.
4, Make sure you and your doctor are clear about what facial areas you want to be treated, how you want them fixed and the final result you would like to achieve.
5, Have a realistic expectation of what Botox treatment can do for you.
6, Avoid drinking alcohol for a few days for your Botox treatment to be successful.
During the Botox treatment:
1, Remove all make-up for good treatment session.
2, Stay extremely still and listen to the instruction the doctor gives you to get the result you want.
3, Use an ice pack, this will help reduce any potential signs of bruising.
After Botox treatment:
1, Do not touch, rub or massage the area that has been injected for at least 24 hours, this will prevent the Botox from spreading to other unintended muscles.
2, Avoid intense physical activity.
3, Avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol.
4, Avoid having facials, chemical peels, micro-dermarasion for a least 24 hours.
5, If you have any bruising in the injected area use topical vitamin K and arnica to help you.
6, Go back to your doctor for top ups of you are unsatisfied with your results.
7, Seek medical attention from your doctor immediately if you experience any side effects or complication from your Botox treatment.

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