botox – FACE conference 2013

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, talks about his latest talk at the FACE conference 2013.


Dr Singh had the privilege and honour of being invited to the FACE conference in London last week to talk about referral marketing.


We all want referrals for our existing facial aesthetics business and I outlined how this can be achieved. We know from my business that over 80% of all our new patients come from referrals from existing patients.


At the core of this is the patient care service we offer. Without offering exceptional service to our botox patients in hertfordshire they would not have the confidence to refer us to their family, friends and work colleagues who may also be interested in botox.


I recall a phrase I once heard –


  • if you deliver what the patient expects they will come back to you
  • If you under deliver what the patient expects – they will go somewhere else
  • If you over deliver what the patient expects, they will come back yo you and refer others to you


You could have the best system int eh world to get referrals but unless patient care is at the core of it, the best system will be wasted.


The talk was only 20minutes, and over half the time I talked about what we do to make the patient feel special during their botox treatment. It was a packed room and we received great feedback at the end.


Botox procedures are a very personal service and since you are treating an area of the body that is on show all the time, you need to get it perfect and give the patient the confidence they were after. If you treat the patient with care and respect then there should be no reason why they would not be happy to recommend your botox services to their family, friends or work colleagues.


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