botox – getting referrals

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic from Stevenage, Hertfordshire in his latest blog talks about how to get your existing botox patients to refer other botox patients. This was taken from a  recent article Harry did in a dental publication.


Once we have attracted new patients for facial aesthetics we want to maximise our return of investment, therefore we want to ensure our patients refer their family and friends and also they themselves become regular clients.

By growing your facial aesthetics business via referrals and retention is the cheapest and quickest way to increase your patient numbers.

I used to think that facial aesthetic patients would not tell their family and friends about their treatments, so early on in my career, I did not bother asking them for referrals. Then Smita – my hygienist and business manager challenged my limiting belief and devised a set of systems to encourage our patients to refer their family and friends and i was amazed at the response and growth in facial aesthetic patients.

There is a simple rule of 3 I live by that will encourage referral s from your existing patients

1. if you deliver what the patient expects they will return as a regular patient

2. if you deliver less that what the patient expects, they will go somewhere else

3. if you deliver more than what the patient expects they will return and tell their family and friends about your services.

Let’s start of referrals. How do we get our existing patients to tell their family and friends when most of the women we treat don’t even tell their husbands/partners that they are undergoing facial aesthetic services.

As mentioned above, we have to exceed the patient’s expectations, and we do this in a number of ways:

1.  free post kit – these can easily be obtained from the manufacturers. It cost us nothing and is given to every patient after any procedure they have. They love getting stuff for free and you can also cross sell your skin range at the same time.

2.  free mineral makeup session after treatment – similar to above, these patients are concerned with their appearance, so why not do a mini makeover with your mineral make up. They are not expecting this and you never know, they may want to purchase some of your mineral make up range.

3. free neck and shoulder massage – Jenna, my assistant, is a qualified beautician. So whilst I am preparing the toxin /filler, she will give the patient a free 2 minute massage.

4.  3 month guarantee – on all our toxin patients we offer a 3month guarantee from the day of their treatment in that if they feel they need  atop up or it has worn off within 3 months, it will be free of charge. You will get a tiny minority that may abuse the system, but this is counter balanced by the patients that appreciate this safety net and tell their friends about this.

5.  £30 facial aesthetics voucher – to encourage referrals, we point out to our patients, that anyone they refer, to make sure they mention who referred them, they will receive a £30 facial aesthetics vouchers to use off their next treatment. This has an added bonus of making sure your patients come back, as they will not want to waste the £30 voucher.

6.  mates rates – we normally charge £250 for 3 areas of toxin. We will reduce this to £200 per person, if they bring 2 friends with them to have it done at the same time. You will be amazed on who our patients will try to encourage to come so they can save £50. If they take this offer then the above referral incentive is not applicable.



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