botox – how many patients have it?

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about his patient breakdown


I would say around 90% of my patients that come and see me undertake botox procedures for the upper third of the face. Whether this be for 1 area (around the eyes), or 2 areas (forehead and frown) or all 3 areas.


Another 5% see me for botox in the lower face (smokers lines, chin or to lift the corners of the mouth) or under the arms.


Then the remaining 5% will see me for dermal fillers. Out of the patients that have dermal fillers, half are for lips (whether to redefine them or make them fuller) and the remaining half are for the nose to mouth lines.


Botox on average would last for 3-6 months and dermal fillers you would be looking in the region of 9 months. To achieve optimum results we would not suggest botox and dermal fillers as being one off treatments, the more you have these procedures, the better the final results are going to be.


There are a  minority of patients that unfortunately we cannot help with botox or dermal fillers. These include patients with loose skin either generally or under the eyes. They would normally require surgery to sort out their concerns. In addition anyone with scars would be hard to treat with the treatments we offer. We do offer certain skin care range that can improve the appearance of scars but would not eliminate them totally.


We always ask patients to take advantage of our free consultation if they are unsure on which treatment is suitable for them. Once we see them face to face we are in a much better position to explain what can be achieved and what options are available to them.



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