botox – lower face

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog shares his thoughts on botox in the lower face.


Botox  injections are normally associated with frown forehead and lines around the eyes. More advanced treatments can now also treat other areas such as bunny lines around the nose and lip wrinkles such as smoker lines and to lift the corners of the mouth.


Botox injections into the lips will not compare to the favored creams, gels and fillers primarily used for lip plumping. However, it is a great solution for someone seeking line or wrinkle removal close to the lip, which will in turn plump the lips and cause them to appear fuller.


The benefit of these botox injections is they do not cause any of the ill side effects such as redness, rash, and swelling more commonly associated with conventional lip injections. Patients who receive botox lip injections can go about their daily activities immediately following the procedure.


A very small dose of botox will be used initially as it can have a small affect on a person’s speech this normally takes a few days to get used to. Most people will not notice any change.


The botox is injected into the lips using a very fine needle, targeting the lip muscle group, often several times for best results.


Although the idea of injecting a small needle into the lip may seem painful, the procedure is relatively quick and painless. Expect the procedure to last anywhere from five to thirty minutes. The results can take up to 2 weeks to fully show. Patients should notice a gradually smoothing effect.


Botox lip injections can be repeated as often as necessary, as they are only temporary. Expect that your plump pout will begin to return to normal within two to four months.


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