Botox – post treatment care

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic from Stevenage, Hertfordshire in his latest blog shares with us what information he gives his patients after their initial botox treatment in Hertfordshire.



Post Treatment Instructions

  1. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol to prevent headaches


  1. Refrain from touching the treated area for 3-4 hours


  1. Remain upright for 3-4 hours


  1. Do not exercise on day of treatment


  1. Avoid sun beds for 7 days


  1. No facials/chemical skin peels or laser resurfacing treatment for 7 days


  1. The use of tight head gear (crash helmets) should be avoided on the day treatment has taken place


How to prolong the life of your treatment…

The following information will help reduce the triggers that can cause premature ageing.


  1. Always wear a sun protection factor, the sun breaks down the supportive structure of the skin, it causes pigmentation and fine lines. Use a minimum factor 15 (SPF) daily even in the winter and cloudy days. The UV rays will still affect the skin.
  2. Protect against free radical damage. Free radicals attack your collagen and elastin fibres that make up the structure of the skin. They around us everyday a daily dose of vitamins and antioxidant supplement will minimise this damage.
  3. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking, these all dehydrate the skin and increase the free radical attacks.
  4. Try to relax as much as possible, stress will break down the treatment quicker as your muscles will be tense and fighting against the Botox. Take time to treat your self.

Ask us about ways we can help you maintain the best regime for your skin health. We offer Sun protection products, nutritional supplements and relaxation treatments.


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