Botox – pre requirments

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog illustrates that there are many systems and space requirements needed before any practitioner can offer botox injections in a safe environment, and of course not forgetting adequate training.

Some of these are included below and is part of the information I give to my professional colleagues interested in offering botox treatments.

Insurance requirements

Your normal dental/medical indemnity will not cover you fro any facial aesthetic procedures.

At the time of writing these mini tips there 2 providers of indemnity for facial aesthetics:


  1. Hamilton Fraser – you will need to list all the procedures you wish to undertake, which products you have been trained in and show the necessary certificates to confirm training
  2. MPS – this can be added onto your existing dental indemnity but is restricted to the neck upwards. So you will not be covered for underarms and any hand treatments


Please check for latest requirements from each of these indemnity providers.


Space requirements 


In an ideal situation, i would recommend the following:


  • separate consultation room – so the patient can speak in privacy regarding their concerns. You would also carry out the consultation and assessment here. So you need good lightning, a large wall mirror, PC  to show them the pre treatment photographs
  • separate clinical area – this would then differentiate it from your dental/medical treatment room. You want to give the ambience of a spa room, so the patient is relaxed. All you would need int eh room is a couch and display of your skin products


I can appreciate because of space and budget constraints that this might not be possible. You can always modify the above ideal scenario to your particular situation.


Team training 


You cannot do this alone. You need the backing and support from all your team members.


When you go on any clinical courses on facial aesthetics update your team members on what you have learnt. Discuss with them your plans for the facial aesthetics business and get their input. Outline your marketing plan and delegate some of the roles to them – they will like the responsibility.


Reps are excellent in explaining in plain english regarding the different procedures to your team members.


Teat your team members for free – they will be a walking advert. i have lost count on the number of times a patient will ask a team ember if they have had any procedures, and since they have, they automatically convert that patient and gives them peace of mind.



Treatment menu 


Many clinicians when they stat off make the mistake of offering everything at the beginning and confusing themselves, their team and the patient.


In my situation, I started in the following order:

  1. botox injections and skin range
  2. Dermal Fillers
  3. Volumerisers
  4. Advanced Toxin use – underarms, migraines


I would become a master in the first tier before moving onto the next tier. You will be more confident and happy providing the procedure and your team will become experts at a particular procedure before moving onto the next one.


Once you have established yourself and offer all the above procedures then you can promote this internally via your medical history questionnaires where you have a tick box to see if the patient is interested in any of the services.

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