Botox prices

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog shares his thoughts on prices of botox across the world.

Botox prices around the world
The price of Botox treatments vary from country to country. Below is a price comparison table to see how much clients may possibly pay for Botox treatments in the different countries.

The findings were interesting; the cost of Botox injections in Malaysia is cheaper than Indonesia. Botox injections in Europe are surprisingly affordable. However, Botox injections and or treatments are a premium product in Japan.
In the United Kingdom, Botox prices are predominately charged by the area, such as crow’s feet is one area and would cost around £175, or forehead and crow’s feet would be two areas of treatment and would cost around £300.
Below is a list of how much Botox may possibly needed in the different treatment areas:
Eyebrow Lift 2 to 5 units
Forehead Lines 10 to 30 units
Crow’s Feet 5 to 15 units on each side
Square Jaw / Masseter 40 to 60 units
Dimpled Chin 2 to 6 units
Frown Lines / Glabellar 10 to 25 units
Bunny / Nasalis Lines 5 – 10 units
Smile Lift (corners of the mouth) 3 to 6 units
Neck / Platysmal Lines 25 to 50 units

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