Botox referrals

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about how to get more referrals.

Talking to many practitioners that carry out botox treatments one of their biggest concerns is that their botox patients like to keep them a secret and not tell their family and friends and therefore less likely to get referrals from that particular patient.

To some extent this is true. However there are certain methods you can use to increase the chances of your existing botox patients referring new botox patients to you.

Firstly, tell all you botox patients that you accept referrals. It is surprising how many practitioners expect their botox patients to know this. Your patients may think you are too busy to accept new botox enquiries.

Next, have a referral reward programme. Why not reward any botox patient that refers a new botox patient to you. These rewards could be as a simple as a thank you card or letter to some flowers, etc.

Keep the existing botox patient informed of how it went with the new botox patient patient they have referred. You want to keep them in the loop and reinforce the trust they have placed on you by referring a new patient to you.

Most importantly by offering excellent customer service to all your botox patients will create an environment where referrals will be generated for your botox treatments.

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