botox referrals

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog shares his thoughts on getting botox referrals.

Your clinic and staff need to be on brand – botox patients are cosmetically orientated and therefore like visually attractive clinics/designs, etc
Your botox clinic and staff need to create the “wow factor” throughout the whole customer journey for your botox clients. Your clients need to have trust and faith in all you do and feel you create value for the investments they make in your clinic.
Referrals can be generated by you as the clinician, your team members especially your reception team, via friends, family and your existing patients.
This can be done after you see a patient in your botox clinic, after you speak to a patient over the phone, or via marketing and
Protocol to capture the referral information is necessary and ideally you would like to utilise and benefit from all the methods.
There are many types of referral marketing methods out in the professional world, but how do you know which method to focus on? – Direct referral marketing? – Internal referral marketing? – External referral marketing? – Internet referral marketing?
Having a referral system set up can get you botox referrals that will generate business to your company.
Setting up a working, credible referral system isn’t the easiest mission to arrange, BUT remember you have the opportunity to capitalise on referral marketing.


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