Botox – testimonial

Here is an excellent testimonial regarding Dr Singh and his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, from one of his highly esteemed peers.

I met the author in 2008 when he won an Award for ‘Best Marketing’ initiative at the Private Practice Awards in 200X. At that stage I had a more active interest in Facial Aesthetics and botox so a conversation with him was fruitful and fun. My own training in Facial Aesthetics and botox very cleared showed that although it could appear that dentistry was intruding into medicine, these techniques are definitely more effectively delivered by dentists in their practices. It’s not meant to be contentious but it is evident when you observe many doctors showing:


– their ill ease at simply holding a syringe

-exhibiting the syringe to the patient as they approached to inject around the eye , where we know how to keep it out of sight until delivery

– show their unfamiliarity with calculating dosages to enable correct dilution

-drawing up Lignocaine from a vial into a syringe prior to numbing the face for injecting fillers


It materialises that our colleague has substantial experience in the commercial world the key amongst them being property. This experience has given him a fresh approach to the delivery of our professional services, especially in the field of marketing. Serving him well in creating a very successful dental practice with a strong element of facial aesthetics has encouraged the author to take to the stage and begin sharing his vision and strategies with the audience. However, as a profession we tend to be in the ‘cash rich and time poor’ category, so finding the time to travel and spend a day at a meeting to learn more is not everyone’s’ wont. Accordingly, accessing that information in this book not only suits that type of dentist but it also serves as a very useful reference book too.


There is absolutely no point embarking along new ways of delivering dentistry unless you can be successful at it. However, as a developing market it is inevitable that some mistakes are made along the journey to success. The author honestly shares the mistakes he made to help prevent the reader from emulating him and to direct time and money into successful and proven marketing strategies. The hope is that when they augment superb delivery of this sought after service it will ensure the investment in Facial Aesthetics and botox pays off. The best part of this book is that that the author does not pretend to be a specialist imparting his special skills to others. One can clearly pick up that this is an experienced practitioner that has learned his art lucratively and is now seeking to share that empathetically with a collegiate style.



Dr Amarjit Gill BDS MFGDP


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