Botox – when to consider it

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about botox and when to start having the treatment.

Since carrying out botox treatments since 2002 I have noticed that the age of the patients requesting this treatment is getting lower and lower. I often get asked by my botox patients when they should start having the treatment or whats the youngest age for treatment.

For starters, I would not treat anyone under the age of 18. The muscles at 18 have fully developed and therefore the results are more predictable. As to what age you should consider botox injections, there is no hard and fast rule here. I see some patients in their early twenties where botox would make a marked difference to the appearance of their fine lines and wrinkles.

On the other hand I see some patients in their mid thirties who do not need botox as it would not make any difference. Botox works on dynamic lines, these are lines that appear when you carry out any facial expression. Therefore when a new patients presents and requests botox treatments, I will get them to carry out some facial expressions, such as smiling, frowning and raising their eyebrows.

Whilst they are carrying out these facial expressions, I am looking for either new lines appearing or existing lines that were present at rest, getting worse. If new lines do not appear or existing lines do not worsen, then botox is not the treatment for that particular patient.

Regarding dermal fillers. The most commonest areas for dermal fillers is in the mid face or lower face areas. The dermal fillers will plump up the skin and restore loss volume. Normally this is for the older patient where over the years a loss of volume has occurred. But I repeat myself, these are only guidelines and we need to look at each patient on an individual case to see whether they would benefit from either botox or dermal fillers.

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