Tear trough treatment

Tear Troughs – We have had many patients ask about under their eyes and what treatments can be offered. I was reluctant to recommend anything because of the products available. However I have researched the latest products and have carried out extensive practical training. 


I am now happy to offer this procedure with fillers to help you solve your concerns.

If you are worried about….


  • dark circles under the eye
  • Wrinkles/lines under the eye
  • bagginess under the eyes


….then this is the solution.


Call us now on 07849 279588 to book your FREE consultation to improve the appearance of your skin under your eyes.



Don’t forget we have our aesthetics referral reward programme. Whenever you refer a client to us that undertakes any treatment, you receive a £20 voucher per referral. So the more you refer, the more you save.


We look forward to seeing you soon.


Take care.




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