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botox and dermaroller

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about the consent process during the Dermaroller treatment.


This is an excellent combination treatment with botox injections. As we know botox will reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and the Dermaroller will improve the skin complexion.


I understand that the procedure can result in an appearance enhancement and is typically used for skin rejuvenation and scar repair and that the treatment uses a DermarollerTM medical device that creates controlled micro-medical nee- dle punctures of the skin surface. I also understand that I may require a series of DermarollerTM treatments, normally with at least 6 weeks between procedures, to achieve the maximum cosmetic result. I acknowledge that no written or implied verbal guarantee, warranty, or assurance has been made to me regarding the outcome of the procedure.

I understand the following:

  • That immediately after the DermarollerTM procedure the skin will be red, resembling moderate sunburn, as
    the skin naturally heals the redness will resolve. The skin may remain red for three to four days after Der- marollerTM treatment, although it is usual for it to subside within two days and many people are able to return to their normal activities the same or next day. It is recommended that the use of soaps on the treated skin area is restricted until the redness subsides and where possible warm / tepid water is used for cleansing. If you are taking any medication or dietary supplements that can affect platelet function and bleeding time (see Ques. 8 overleaf) the period of redness can be extended.
  • The DermarollerTM procedure can cause areas of bruising although this would not normally be expected to occur, the eye contour being the area at most risk. If you are taking any medication or dietary supplements that can affect platelet function and bleeding time (see Ques. 8 overleaf) the severity and period of bruising can be extended, also the presence of petechiae (small red or purple spots beneath the skin) may be ob- served.
  • There is a small risk of infection of the treated skin area after the DermarollerTM procedure although this is not expected to occur due to the sterility of the Dermaroller┬« medical device and the minimally invasive na- ture of the micro-medical needles.
  • There is a small risk that hyper-pigmentation of the skin can occur after the procedure, although this is not normally expected. Failure to follow the sun exposure and sun protection advice detailed below can increase this risk.
    Please ensure you understand the potential complications and personal requirements of the DermarollerTM procedure indicated below and please acknowledge or answer the points and questions over the page:





Why not ask about the Dermaroller when you are next in for your botox procedures.


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