Botox – common misconceptions

We have all read in the newspapers or seen on Tv where botox has gone wrong. There is a lot of mis information on what botox is, what it can do and what it cant do.


Here are 2 common assumptions about botox which are untrue:


  • botox can be used in static lines or folds


Since botox works on the muscles, it will only work with dynamic lines – lines that are formed when you contract a muscle. The most common areas therefore that are treated are the frown muscles, forehead muscles and the muscles towards the sides of the eyes.


  • botox can paralyse the facial muscles


This is just untrue. It relaxes the muscle. You can sometimes get the frozen look and this is due to over dosing with botox. The muscle will return to its normal action within 6 months. The effects of botos are totally reversible.


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