botox in hertfordshire

Many people just think we only offer botox in hertfordshire. However we offer a wide range of services to help you solve your skin concerns.

Broadly speaking patients come and see us for any 1 of the 3 most common concerns below:


1. concerns about fine lines and wrinkles

2. concerns about loss of volume

3. concerns about skin complexion


Normally patients will have a combination of these concerns. However to get the best possible results for you, we may advise in a treatment protocol that combines some of these concerns. It is not uncommon for patients to come in just asking for botox. However if there skin complexion is not great then they wont achieve the best results with just botox. Removing fine lines and wrinkles is like the frame of a painting. But the skin is the canvas. So by just using botox and leaving the skin as it is, is similar to placing a really expensive frame around a cheap painting.


Broadly speaking concerns regarding fine lines and wrinkles is treated by using botox. Concerns about loss of volume is treated with dermal fillers or volume risers. Concerns about your skin complexion is treated by dermaroller or skin products.


For more information on how botox hertfordshire can help you, call us on 01438 300111.