Botox essentials

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog talks about the equipment needed to undertake botox.

Beauty couch: I prefer this to a dental/medical chair as the botox patient feels more relaxed and comfortable.

Good-quality camera: Personally, I use the Canon 5D that has a macro lens or you are looking for a ring flash. This is critical for good before and after the botox treatment pictures

Large wall mirror at patient’s head height: You will be amazed at what patients want corrected when they see themselves in front of a mirror.

Happy staff: Smiling, content members of the staff project a bright image for your business and encourage customers to return.

We’re going to the materials section and this is in eight parts:

Gloves: Make sure you put on latex and latex-free, and beware of the symptoms of allergies and double check with your botox patients.

Hair band: To give you unrestricted view of the areas you are treating – my assistant puts this on once I am preparing the botox injections.

Disinfectant: Non-alcohol based, so you don’t get drying with of the skin and no interaction with the botox injection – this will remove any make up in the areas to be injected and reduce the chances of inflammation.

Gauzes: For use with a disinfectant.

Non-tattooing pencil: Available from company reps, I prefer white because it’s easily identifiable on marked areas I would inject with botox whilst the patient is carrying our certain facial expressions. I will also take a photo of this for our records.

Post kit: This can be obtained for free from the company reps. You will want to include a concealer and arnica cream. Add some extra value to your services compared to someone else offering face aesthetics.

Saline, 0.9% sodium chloride Syringes: One to draw up the saline and one for injecting the botox.

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