botox – the decision process

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, in his latest blog shares his thoughts on the deeper reasons why people will seek botox treatments.

Let’s dig deeper with the reasons why someone may consider botox injections. I have an acronym called “TEAR” in terms of what decisions we make or not make. It stands for: T – Thoughts E – Emotions A – Actions R – Results

Whatever we are thinking, these thoughts gives us certain emotions, whether these are positive or negative. Those emotions will lead into actions and the actions we take give us results.

For example, let’s say you see someone with flawless skin and not a wrinkle in site. We are seeing the results of them making a decision to undertake botox treatments.. But let’s use the TEAR example. The initial thought would be that this potential person was unhappy with their lines and wrinkles. Either they were unhappy with the appearance of their skin or they were motivated to get better skin via botox treatments. So the thinking of their lines and wrinkles, unhappiness with this produced some emotions saying either it was a pain emotion in terms of they’re really unhappy with what they look like at the moment and wanted to change that, or it was a pleasure emotion – if I undertake botox treatments, then this is what I could look like.

So those emotions resulted in actions. Actions were they looked at all the possible solutions to their lines and wrinkles, and one of them would have been botox. By taking appropriate actions, they achieved a result. If they took no action, they’ll have no result or the result wouldn’t be what they wanted.

Now we know it all starts from our thoughts. How do you arrive at these thoughts? Our thoughts are the same as our beliefs and they come from our self-concept. Our self-concept can be divided into three parts.

self-esteem. Do you like yourself? Do you have self-confidence with certain skills?

self-image. What do we see about ourselves in the mirror? Is it good?

self ideals. Who are our role models? Are they successful people, unsuccessful people? So your results can never exceed your self-concept. This is critical. We know where our self-concept comes from and we need to improve that because no matter how passionate, how much time we’ve spent working, if your self-concept is poor, you won’t see the results you want.

Since with the TEAR process, your self-concept dictates your thoughts and this gives you the results you have currently. Once you understand this process, you can work on it and improve your results. For example, if an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. But if it’s broken by inside force, life begins. Therefore, great things always begin from the inside.

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