Botox – what happens if I stop having the treatment

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic from Stevenage in Hertfordshire talks about a common question asked by his patients. What will happen if I stop having the botox and will I become addicted.


If you decide to stop the treatment then your muscles and lines will go back to what they would have been at that time in your life.


Your wrinkles will not get worse if you stop using botox. If you think of botox as ‘freezing time’ you will have an idea of what to expect if you stopped it.


You cannot physiologically be addicted to botox. However since the results are so good, we do have many patients that cant live without it!


You can stop anytime and you can restart anytime with botox. The decision is completely yours. There are no long term contracts or maintenance plans we get you to sign. It is entirely up to you.


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