Botox – when to schedule it before a big event

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic from Stevenage in Hertfordshire talks about when to plan your diary so the effects of botox have its maximum impact on your big day.


Many patients tell about special parties, weddings or birthdays coming up and they want the botox to have worked for this event.


I would advice to leave it at least a month before the big event. Normally the effects of botox can take up to 2 weeks to work. Then you may need a top up of the botox which normally takes a week to kick in. So if you allow a month you should be fine. The effects of the botox would normally last for 3 months so you will have the look you desire at your big event.


You will have peace of mind that if you do experience any redness or bruises following the botox treatment, you have given plenty of time to let it heal and disappear.


So relax, enjoy your big day, look forward to receiving glowing compliments on how refreshed or young you look and without no one suspecting you had botox only a month ago.




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