Botox – how to avoid the ‘Dr Spock’ look

Dr Singh who runs his botox clinic from Stevenage in Hertfordshire talks about one of the biggest fears my women patients have when they are thinking about undertaking botox treatments.

dr spock




Most of them have not told their friends, family members or partners that they are undergoing botox procedures. So naturally they don’t want anyone to notice or have a false look that gives the game up immediately.


One of the dead giveaways is known as the ‘Dr Spock’ look or startled/quizzical look.


This can be avoided in a number of ways.


  • we don’t want to over freeze your frown muscles, these pull you eyes down. If this is completely frozen then you wont be able to pull your eyes down at all and the eyebrows might raise too much
  • We don’t want to under freeze your forehead muscles. If this is combined with over freezing your frown muscles, they your eyebrows could potentially shoot upwards
  • We can give what is known in the trade – anti spock injections. These are botox injections placed in the far side of the forehead to prevent the eyebrows pointing upwards.


Lets say you do end up with the ‘spock’ look. It can be corrected in the review appointment after 2 weeks. You would most probably need some more botox in your forehead to drop the eyebrows, but this needs to be done carefully. You don’t want to give too much in the forehead and have the revers problem, where the eyes start drooping.


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